Reconstructive surgery is performed to restore and set right form and function. Here are some frequently asked questions about reconstructive plastic surgery which is usually performed under general anesthesia at a hospital or plastic surgery center. 치과

Scope of reconstructive plastic surgery

Plastic surgery with reconstructive purposes serves to correct birth defects and structural abnormalities caused due to developmental issues, accident trauma, disease or cancer. The main goal is to restore form and function. Abnormalities of the nose, ears, chin, face, fingers or toes can be corrected. This type of surgery also benefits women who have had a partial or full mastectomy and want breast reconstruction. Though coverage levels vary, health insurance policies generally cover reconstructive procedures.

Procedures involved

To begin with, people generally want information about the procedures that constitute reconstructive plastic surgery.Some procedures such as breast reduction, reconstructive nose surgery (for improving breathing and airflow), otoplasty (ear surgery) and eyelid surgery are also categorized as cosmetic plastic surgery as they serve aesthetic purposes as well.


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